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Security check prompt
First, call: Call hotline 4006-888-011 (support phone), follow the voice prompts, from left to right, top to bottom in the order entered 22 security password, and press "#" button end, the system can verify that you hear after the end of the following voice instructions:
(1) "Hello Dear Customer, your query is Chaoan Jiajiali production and sales of stainless steel products Co., Ltd. produced the series, is the genuine product identification, thank you for your inquiry, goodbye!", The voice said, you buy the real thing, can be freely used;
(2) "the query you have in the security code * years * months * day, a few were a bit first * times over the first query, please double-check, beware of imitations!" The voice said: genuine query again (if you voice on the phone once time has been described in the first query).
(3) "security code you have requested does not exist, the security code should be free space of pure digital code, please check again, and beware of imitations!" The voice said: 1, counterfeit products (if you have entered the security check password is correct, still hear the voice); 2, enter the security password is incorrect (if you have checked the security password entered is incorrect, please re-enter);
Second, the mobile query: SMS query: Mobile, China Unicom, PHS users to edit the "fake" send to 12114, according to your reply in turn enter the security password 22 [from left to right in the middle no space], you can wait a few seconds receive a reply, reply with the contents and telephone inquiries on behalf of significance.
Third, the website: visit website www.jiajiali.com, the home of the "security check" column, query results and on behalf of significance with telephone inquiries.